Hot Licks Flamethrower Kit Single Exhaust Lifetime Warranty 100% Complete USA


 Thanks for looking at our flamethrower kits. We have been in business for 16 years and take customer service seriously.  We suggest before you buy a flamethrower kit that you see how hard it is to get someone to talk to you about the kit.  You will probably have some questions before you buy a kit or when you are installing the kit.  If you can’t get any help, you may want to reconsider who you buy your kit from.  Call us at [phone removed by eBay] or email us to get your questions answered before or after you buy a kit and see why we have awesome customer service.    
     Most kits for sale on Ebay do not come complete except for a Hot Licks Exhaust flamethrower kit.  Why buy a partial kit and then have to go spend more money to make your kit work when you can buy a Hot Licks kit and install it right out of the box.
     Hot Licks Exhaust flamethrower kits come with 100% lifetime warranty.  All kits on Ebay only come with a 30 day or less warranty.  If you buy a cheap kit with a 30 day or less warranty you can expect the kit to quit working within a short amount of time.  We constantly get customers who bought a cheap kit off Ebay that stopped working within a few weeks of using it and can’t get anyone to help them. Save yourself the time and trouble and buy the best quality kit available.

     Please read before purchasing: Will not work on vehicles or motorcycles with a catalytic converter .  Will work on all carbureted engines.  Will only work on vehicles with efi (electronic fuel injection )  that have an 8 cylinder engine ( will work on some 6 cyclinder efi engines but not always).  If you have a 4 cylinder efi engine, you will probably need to  have turbo/supercharger for the flames to work. Will work on all carbureted and efi motorcycles with open pipes.    No guarantee of flames on anything with a catalytic converter, 4 or 6 cylinder efi engine, or motorcycle with heavily baffled pipes.  Contact us before purchasing verify whether the kit will work on your application. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

Hot Licks is the world’s best source for exhaust flamethrowers and exhaust flame kits! Plus, we are the only company in existence to offer a 100% complete kit with a lifetime warranty. Hot Licks flame thrower kits are compact by design for easy installation. Our single exhaust flame kits and dual exhaust flame kits are perfect for you if you space is limited or you want a clean professional install with top of the line components.       Our high quality flame thrower kits come 100% complete ready to install out of the box.  All other flamethrower kits on the market come incomplete with only a few parts, forcing you to go shopping again for the rest of the parts. How much sense does that make?

All kits include:

Detailed installation instructions

Waterproof solid state professionally manufactured control modules

Exhaust plug bungs

High quality momentary push button with stainless button ring

Nylon electrical terminals ( for easy wiring )

Mounting screws

Over 20 foot of primary wire

High quality hot spark plugs

Hot plug/s insulated spark wire

Hot Licks bumper sticker

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