Genuine Champion Reverse Gear for Harley Davidson FLH 09-19 w/ hydraulic clutch

US $1,175.00 Genuine Champion (Sidecars) Reverse Gear. Please send a question if you need more information.

Harley Davidson Reverse Gear Kit for 09 to 19 up Touring Models with 
Hydraulic Clutch
Safety Switch
 system to protect transmission from damage when the Reverse Gear is engaged and any forward gear is inadvertently engaged.
Hydraulic Clutch Operation models

Great for 2-wheelers, trikes or sidecars
Low gear ratio to ease you back
Does not affect any of the forward gears
Easy installation in about 4-5 hours
Overall transmission dimensions unchanged
No exhaust modification needed for OEM applications
Aerospace Materials, precision-engineered
Easy-to-follow instructions
Clutch operated, no battery drain

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